- Canadian Engineering Company in business for more than 20


   - Our goal is to bring Long Range Shooters and Hunters the best      

     products and technology available on the market at the lowest price


   - All of our product’s prices includes shipping and handling.

   - Moreover, as Engineers and Experts we can provide our customer

     with a wide  variety of services from Range Design to complete

     EPCM projects for your new or existing shooting facilities.

   - For the Hunter Aficionado, we offer on site long range hunting

     shooting which includes rifle loads and your own ballistic chart.

   - We can measure your ammunition velocities and properties

     with a variety of high-tech equipments.

   - Long range Shooting Courses are given in small group of two  

     shooters max. Hence it is a dedicated hands-on teaching.

   - Finally, our Expert Services are in Acoustic Measurements, Bullet

     Buttress Design and Shooting Range Safety Requirements.